Case: Turnover increase

Doubling the output is possible in the same hall. By introducing takt-controlled production and lead time reduction.

Turnover increase

Project objective:

This client, with clear growth ambitions, wanted to achieve 50% more turnover in two years’ time. The target for the coming year was 25% and for the following year the remaining 25% to incrase the turnover. In the existing situation, they found little room to act. Facilities were therefore necessary. Nevertheless, two demands were made. The extra turnover had to be achieved with the current employees, still in day shifts. There were a number of reasons for this, but they are irrelevant in this case. Another tricky issue was the delivery of material to the machines.

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5 Years 5xY and AQM

During the New Year’s reception of the Chamber of Commerce a concrete idea came to work as consultants together. On May 20, 2009 the first step was made by Mr. Ruben of 5xY Consultancy (Weert) and Mr. Jos Valkenburg of AQM International Consulting BV (Venlo). After a phase of reconciliation, our cooperation extended. Optimisation of processes, which resulted in productivity increases and lead time shortenings, are part of the successes. We limit ourselves

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