Employees more productive by workplace optimisation?

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Employees more productive by workplace optimisation?

What is the productivity in your organization? Often the answer remains to be given. The following question: “Expressed as a percentage of the output or performance level?”, becomes incriminating. But, how effective is the effort, measured in a human-friendly way? That is an important question, which answer should be given. By paying attention to good working method and workplace optimisation, the accounting post personnel becomes manageable. So, why stay with open questions? As AQM International Consulting can help.

Applied techniques for work method and workplace optimisation:

  • Work study and labour science;
  • SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die);
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness);
  • Lean Manufacturing;
  • Kaizen;
  • Cost Management;
  • VSM (Value Stream Mapping)
  • Benchmarking;
  • Change Management;
  • Continuous Improvement;
  • Time study (standard times);
  • Methods-Time Measurement
    • MTM-1, MEK, UAS, MTM-2, MTM-SD
    • Ergonomic  Assessment WorkSheet (EAWS)
    • MTM-Logistics
    • ProKon¬© for product development.

See also information on the website of the MTM Association Benelux:

Results of work method and workplace improvement:

  • Productivity increase,
  • Optimal work methods,
  • Cost avoidance,
  • Quality improvement,
  • Capacity insight,
  • Human work conditions.


Productive winding rollsContinue the pre-Assembly or outsource it
Actually, the development below is an indirect consequence of the customer order. The assignment was to investigate how output growth could be achieved without large investments. This was preceded by a number of preconditions. Which are not important here for the elaboration. As is often the case, there is always an opportunity in projects to add something extra to the project. In this project, too, it was possible to add value to the project. Independently of the assignment, but in connection with the assignment. Productivity with a correct working method and pricing.
The producer was faced with the choice: continue the pre-assembly activity or outsource this work. The factory had been pre-assembling itself for years. The employees themselves had already taken measures more often in order to become more productive. In order to maintain the work in the plant, a study was needed to increase workplace optimisation. The basic question also revealed that the MTM standard times also needed to be revised. Now, a better combination does not exist. Because every change is immediately measurable. Areas, number of employees and savings follow from the analysis.
Pre_Assembly choice
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Measuring productivity and workplace optimisation diffuse?

It often seems vague what productivity is in practice. As with all things you want to improve: make it measurable. By applying MTM, Methods-Time Measurement you have a great methodology at your disposal. First of all, the method must be recorded. The result is measurable. Measurable thanks to the tables, which are drawn up for each method level. Secondly, it can be planned, compared and post-calculated. This makes the production process much more transparent. That’s why the introduction of MTM also leads to immediate savings. But MTM is also a good tool for workplace optimization. So, productivity difficult or diffuse? No, almost anyone can learn to apply MTM. Otherwise, AQM International Consulting with extensive experience can offer help or support. How? Just contact us. You’ll see, we’ll make the vagueness clear.