Most used words in 12 months

Whoever reads this headline in a few years’ time will probably have to think hard about what is meant by this title. For the reader of this article in 2021, I do not have to explain that it is Covid19, corona or crisis. As with everything, every situation has a reverse side. Since it is/was virtually impossible to act in the production processes of customers, there was time for “backlog maintenance”. This made the space ideal for tidying up and doing things that had been left lying around. I was also able to do translation work for the MTM Association, which would otherwise have had to be contracted out. In short, Cruijff is right again: “Every disadvantage has its advantage”.

But, to be honest, I think it should all be over. Not only because what was left unfinished has been dealt with in the meantime, but because it has been going on for more than 12 months. Not entirely true by the way, because before the summer of 2020 I was able to finish a job in Belgium. However, now that the first inoculation has been made, I am ready to get going. On to working towards a sustainable future again, without waste and with optimum use of (production) capacity. In short, “productivity”, that is what I would like to continue working on.