Case: Feasibility study

Research into the ability to double the output in the same production hall.

Feasibility research

The customer initially wanted to increase the output by 60%. In order to continue to meet the demand. The parent company demanded that the growth had to take place within the existing walls. So, the assignment was to carry out a feasibility study. In order to map out whether this is possible:
o double the output
o in the existing assembly hall
Time for a redirected production line?

Double? Up here the growth was still 60%. Yes, that’s right. The 100% increase in output demand was due to an additional request from a customer. Reason to adjust the request during the research. Given the concept and approach, it was not a major obstacle to include the adjustment in the story.

Project approach:

Inventory of the current situation, starts with the collection of available data. Where necessary, supplemented by filling in missing data through own research. The demand and available hours per machine type determined the lead time. Adjusted in between due to possible output doubling. In this feasibility study, the material flow and the route of the machine to be produced were important. By visualizing the flow, it becomes clear to everyone how the current material and product flow runs. A practical tool to visualize and compare an optimal situation. See graphs below.


  • Material flow runs in different directions;
  • Many bypasses;
  • Use of crane blocks other activities;
  • Logistics does not have separate paths between work locations.
Feasibility assessment: result: Existing situation and New situation

Result of feasibility study:

  • output +100% is possible   
  • in existing production hall   
  • clear material and product flow   
  • Optimises their logistics (explicit driving paths)
  • by working method adaptation:
    • Shorter lead times
    • shortage of available cranes solved  

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