More capacity due to process optimisation?


More capacity due to process optimisation?

It is often thought that there is a lack of production capacity. In many cases there is still space, although you often don’t see that yourself anymore. That’s why it makes sense to have someone from outside investigate the possibilities. AQM International Consulting helps to increase productivity by process optimisation and making the best possible use of working methods.

 Applied technics at production processes: 

  • Thorough as-is Analysis;
  • Visualising as is and to be situation;
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM);
  • Visual management;
  • Lean/Kaizen/etc.


  • Significant lead-time shortening,
  • Capacity increase,
  • Higher customer satisfaction,
  • Cost reduction,
  • Quality improvement,
  • Lay-out (with takt-possibility).


Turnover increaseIncrease output by 40%
This client, with clear growth ambitions, wanted to achieve 50% more turnover in two years. The aim for the coming year was to harvest 25% and the year after the remaining 25% increase in turnover. Capacity measures therefore seemed necessary, because they found little room left in the existing situation. Nevertheless, two requirements were set. The extra turnover had to be achieved with the current employees, still on day shift. There were a number of reasons for this, but they are irrelevant here. Another tricky point was the delivery of material to the machines.The planning was 10 machines per week. Due to regular overtime, they succeeded to assemble this desired number. In the existing situation was no evenly and continuous flow. Given the market demand, the management wanted at least 30% more production output. The wish was therefore to make better use of the existing capacity. In other words: Increase the output in a normal working week of 40 hours, without overtime. To be achieved by a better flow of materials and products.

As-is situation
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For more cases than using the capacity differently, see cases.

Too little capacity to work on the production capacity?

It is always time consuming to implement capacity improvements in a production line or production process. Internally, the current problems must first be mapped out in order to determine where solutions need to be found. Then solutions must be sought. In addition to the normal work, this requires extra deployment of the main functions. Then help with an analytical, pragmatic and project-based approach is more pleasant and practical. AQM International Consulting offers extensive experience in the optimal use of capacity. In what way? Just contact us. You’ll see, we take away a lot of the time consuming.