Casus: productive winding rolls

By asking customers a real price for winding rolls according to size, the company and its employees maintain a healthy work situation. Fair working methods and competition.

Productive winding rolls

Project objective:

Actually, the following elaboration is an indirect consequence of the customer order.  The assignment was to investigate how output growth could be achieved without major investments. This was preceded by a number of preconditions. This is not important for

the elaboration. As is often the case, there is always an opportunity in projects to add something extra to the project. In this project, too, it was possible to add value to the project. Independently of the assignment, but in conjunction with the assignment. Productivity with correct working methods and pricing.

Project approach and findings during the inventory:

In taking stock of the current situation, I encountered a large workload at a machine. As a service to the customers, long canvases of rolls were flooded onto smaller rolls. In the corridors it was noted that the large roll lengths went to the competitor, while they themselves received more and more orders for small rolls. During the investigation it became clear why: the customer paid the same price per metre, regardless of the length of the reel. However, rolls with less fabric length were clearly much more laborious. This resulted in a large workload for the employees. As a by-product of my research, I visualized two situations in which the total length is the same for the customer. As shown below in the graph, where the customer gets a total of 600 meters. The 2 rolls of 300 meters at the top give a shorter turnaround time, because actions can take place during the turnaround time. In the second situation, 12 rolls of 50 meters, this is clearly not the case.

Productivity and turnaround time 600 metres rewind options


  • With the visualisation, sales now also understood why orders for small rolls were increasing. In the case of new price agreements, a more realistic meter price was implemented.
  • An outdated machine was replaced, which significantly reduced the workload, thanks to more automated operations. In addition, this reduced the turnaround time for shorter rolls.

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