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‘Use the space for improvement in your production environment’

Every production environment has space for improvement. The question is, where do you find that space and how to use it optimally. If that is your question too, AQM International Consulting has the answer.

We map out bottlenecks and adapt production Hand activityprocesses, working methods, workstations and (internal) logistics to it. We have been doing this for renowned businesses since 1999, mainly for manufacturing industry. In a no-nonsense way, because we do not believe in detailed reports and month-long meetings. We prefer to use our energy in realising visible result.

Our approached is always bottom-up, having lots of attention to the production workers within your company. Because, without their support, there is a small chance that the process and work method optimisation, which looks great on the papers, will work.

Hand motionsIn many situations everything turns to break the routines and to introduce working clever and efficient. “We have been working this way for years” makes way for “From now we do it that way”. Depending on your problem definition, our work results into, for example shorter lead-times, less waste, lower operational costs, quality improvement or process control.

AQM International Consulting helps you to find and use the space for improvement in:

Production processes

You are wondering whether you can achieve the desired growth at your production site? Or do you want to determine standard times for your production process? We observe on the workplace, analyse where weaknesses are within production and develop a pragmatic, durable solution. See more

– Work methods and work spots

An important part of the process optimisation is always productivity. How do people work on the workplace? What happens and how should it be done ideally? Is there a better way of working or has the workplace to be redesigned? We examine, each place separate and integral, with the aim of making it easier for the employees. And better for your company. See more

Organisation structure

Collaboration and communication between departments can be the cause of a problem too, which is manifesting on the workplace itself. In organisational optimisation we broaden our scope and involve the departments, directly “above” the production, into our analysis. See more

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