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Every organisation deserves a pragmatic approach. Our first step is to register the current situation. Then we search ideal solutions. For this purpose, our (Sr.) Consulting Engineer uses a suitcase full of experience and methodologies. After choosing the best solution, by the contracting authority, AQM International Consulting helps to implement this solution. Our strength: involvement of employees in the project for expansion and continuity. Also, it is our standard to check whether the targets will be achieved, after a few months of the project end

2 Important and challenging questions above all are: “Are we doing the work right”
2 Important and challenging questions above all are: Are we doing the right work”

Process optimization Processes optimisation                             

Expansion, standard times, bottle necks?

Working methods Work method and workplace optimisation                   

Productivity, facility, layout?

Organisation optimizing Organisation optimisation    

Collaboration, information en communication?        

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