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AQM stands for advise, quality and management.

The driving force behind AQM International Consulting is Jos Valkenburg (1956). First, he has built his career with renowned companies like Holco, Philips, and Hoogovens (now Tata Steel) over a period of 20 years. Since 1999, Jos has been working as an independent consultant and specialized in the manufacturing industry. He brings about a direct and good result in challenging projects at customers in automotive, metal-electro, mechanical engineering, aircraft assembly and food industry. AQM ensures that production and internal logistics within a company connect better to each other, so the owner will not only now, but also in the future, save money and increase the output.

Jos is in his home city Venlo socially involved and supports next foundations and associations:

AQM International Consulting is an organisation which uses its knowledge and experience in realizing interesting projects in an integer way. We have confidence in employees, who are closely involved in their work. We believe that if we do our best, you can make deliberate decisions.
Our principles are: making problems and solutions insightful, involve employees to optimize the Organization together. We use our common sense, are open, honest and solution-oriented.

AQM International Consulting contributes to maintaining employment in Western Europe and has its focus within a radius of 150 km. Of course, if it  makes economic sense. Companies in the manufacturing industry, including its committed and motivated employees help to develop themselves further, so that continuity on the basis of efficiency and cradle-to-cradle is guaranteed and the improvement is acceptable to everyone. AQM aims at an overall result that is broadly acceptable within the organization. Starting points are: corporate social responsibility and sustainable solutions.

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