Become business-like more private?!

Mentality and procedures.

Business-like work more like the private.

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The difference between companies and private wonders me again and again. As soon as a private person places an Internet order, this item often will be delivered next day. If the same person enters his own organisation, it appears to be a different world sometimes. Not only ordering is completely different, but also the delivery times. Of course, it concerns totally different items and conditions. Both internally and externally, there are other circumstances too. However, there is a totally different attitude and mentality.

Despite Kanban, JIS and other methods, one doesn’t seem to worry if the numbers diverge or arrive too late. That is in our “system”, as often is said.

Causes of unnecessary, longer lead times. We know them all:

  • Purchasing procedures are unclear or obstructing, despite automation of many operations. (Or lacks overview/insight because of that)
  • Delivered goods do not arrive, or in wrong quantities, at the concerning department.
  • The final recipient must search or sort the items themselves.
  • Ordered products are not conform the drawing and must even be edited.
  • Items are used in other products than ordered and planned for.
  • Surely you can add some issues more.

That is why to focus at:

  • Good workplaces, where delivered materials are identified clearly.
  • Internal Logistic department supplies the production according to the bill of materials, per customer product.
  • Procedures must be inspected for established times.
  • Ask a fresh pair of eyes to follow the process (outsiders can aid and force easier)
  • Without doubt, you can add more to this list.

Of course, there are well organised organisations too, where the above-mentioned issues are not valid. But, I wish a lot of success privatising the business-like supply chain.

Jos Valkenburg
CEO AQM International Consulting
Executive Director MTM Association Benelux

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