Time – Zeit – Tijd – Temps – Tiempo – Tempo – Czas

A lot of people complain that time flies. Was this already the case in the Middle Ages? Or is it really due to the current means and possibilities, that we ourselves no longer allow ourselves any rest. Although, I just came back from a family weekend. Lovely relaxed and rested. And as so often, on these occasions, I have gained some weight. Now on to the next party, because AQM International Consulting celebrates its 20th anniversary in August.

One of the highlights was setting up a complete production line with associated logistics, in a short time of 3 months. As you can read in case 4, under what conditions. To get an impression, here is the  video, made on the fourth day of production:

Remarkable is the Italian translation of time is tempo. Now the pace is there. It seems like yesterday, but it was recorded almost 4 years ago. The best thing about improving projects or setting up production lines in the manufacturing industry, is to meet a lot of people or employees, whom I have helped their working lives making agreeable, despite increased output.

By the way, if you have any nice ideas or suggestions about how we can celebrate the milestone of 20 years internally, then I am highly recommended. If you leave your data and idea or suggestion on the contact form, you have a good chance of getting a nice gift.