2013, made it through

A year has passed again. Started in Belgium and also finished there. The year 2013 was striking. Concerning projects and/or as a teacher of MTM-courses in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium again. Now a new year has come. However, I will not hear the words of my father anymore: „Yes, a whole new year, but this would be the first year in which I would not get through“. Unfortunately, last year was different. At the blessed age of 97

years we had to say our last farewell. Among other things hereby 2013 became an influencing year in business. Fortunately we can say: we have gotten through the year. Unfortunately not entirely as hoped for. Positively however, was the increasing co-operation with Ruben Wolffensperger, of 5xY. Together we unfolded more activities. This will bring certainly more, with which we will, also get through 2014. The best wishes and all the best for 2014!