The Inn and the wise Owl

Once upon a time there was an inn with a cook who always prepared the most delicious dishes. His wife served the delicacies, which were on the menu in beautiful letters, on beautiful plates! For years everything went smooth, until less

customers came.

The cook and his wife then made extra work of embellishing the interior. Still, there were fewer customers. Therefore, the couple spent extra time on their beautiful garden and planted the most beautiful flowers. It didn’t help; customers stayed away again.

The innkeeper then heard about a wise owl, which let inns flourish. Why would he ask him? The plates were still delicious and richly filled. Had they ever heard a complaint? No! The couple was stubbornly clinging to their customer-focused service. Yet running the inn became heavier and heavier. To their great regret, they even had to fire their lively helper.

Just then the wise owl sat on the terrace! But the cook, who wasn’t used to that they looked into his kitchen, didn’t want to talk to the owl and even sent him away.

Later, even the most loyal customers stayed away. The couple discussed the decline. Searched for causes, but did not find them. Even though the owl had a lot of knowledge and experience, the cook refused to consult him. Why should he? The recipes, taste and service were still of the highest level! The prices were hardly raised. Then, for the first time, he got an insecure and helpless feeling!

Just then, on a beautiful autumn day, the owl flew into his inn. After so much setbacks, the cook wanted to welcome him. He was surprised by the large eyes with which this visitor looked at everything and with dedication asked simple questions. The cook wondered if this owl could help. In a fascinating conversation that followed, the owl made an offer. He guaranteed growth and prosperity. The owl offered some suitable ideas. And yes, the cook became enthusiastic! He learned new recipes and cooking techniques. There was an adapted menu. Customers were served differently by his wife, better than in the past.

Soon the most marvellous fragrances were smelled. A true enrichment of the inn!

Within a short period of time, the hostel was occupied to the very last seat. And the lively helper? He could come back and worked more enthusiastically than ever before. The inn grew into a respected restaurant. The innkeeper, his wife, the helper and the visitors only had happy times!