Case: “optimise at the present or at a new location”

Optimise at the present or at a new location


The business manager was considering leaving the present building, with different spaces and roof heights, and depart to another property. Due to considerations of competition he also wanted to reduce the costs of Logistics.


The internal activities and material movements have been recorded in a 2-day scan. Using a Sankey-diagram, this could easily

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Case: “continue the pre-Assembly or outsource it?”

Continue the pre-Assembly or outsource it


The producer was faced with the choice: continue the pre-assembly activity or outsource this work. The factory had been pre-assembling itself for years. The employees themselves had already taken measures more often in order to become more productive. In order to maintain the work in the plant, a study was needed to increase workplace optimisation. The basic question also revealed that the MTM standard times also needed to be revised. Now, a better combination does not exist. Because every change is immediately measurable. Areas, number of employees and savings follow from the analysis.


Firstly all the existing standard times were updated. In parallel, the layout of the departments, tools, and the supply and goods delivery were examined. Paths are shown by spaghetti-diagrams. By classifying potential improvements in a short, medium and long term, the benefit per phase became

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