Case: “new production line”

New production line


The required containers could not be purchased. So, it was decided to make these themselves. Condition: within 3 months, 400 complete sets (consisting of 5 containers) must be ready to deliver. There was nothing yet, except product drawings


All known data was worked out pragmatically. Takt-time was specified. A first layout was set up with post-its, using the technical drawings. Then the details were worked out further, so the necessary space became

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Case: “optimise at the present or at a new location”

Optimise at the present or at a new location


The business manager was considering leaving the present building, with different spaces and roof heights, and depart to another property. Due to considerations of competition he also wanted to reduce the costs of Logistics.


The internal activities and material movements have been recorded in a 2-day scan. Using a Sankey-diagram, this could easily

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